Cosmetic & Personal Care

At the Grupo ADI, through our Quaternia brand, we give our customers in the Cosmetics sector innovation and value.

We offer a wide portfolio of raw materials and specialties for the production of cosmetics formulations.

And we provide our customers with ingredients through our own manufacturing and distribution.

We are RSPO-certified, our line ranging from basic formulation to active ingredients and marketing claims.

Non – Ionic Surfactants

Non-ionic surfactants are a wide family of very versatile and basic cosmetic ingredients to create the different formulations and their textures.

Anionic surfactants

From soap to Syndets, anionic surfactants are the key elements in cleaning formulas.

Cationic and amphoteric surfaces

Cationic and amphoteric surfactants have very specific applications in Cosmetics.


Emulsifiers are the main ingredients in the world of emulsions. They are surfactants with an HLB on which depends the type of emulsions it makes.


Betaines are surfactants belonging to a class of amphoteric surface active agents displaying excellent skin mildness profile

Thickeners and suspensors

Thickeners and suspensors can have different origins and molecular structures.

Natural ingredients and miscellaneous

Ingredients extracted from nature are increasingly important in Cosmetics.

Plant extracts

Cosmetics have been, since the beginning of time, composed of ingredients obtained from Nature.


Polymers are chemical substances that are characterized by being a chain composed of a monomer, and owe their properties to the monomer's polarity, its electrostatic charges, and its molecular size.


Silicones are widely used in Cosmetics, mainly in decorative and hair products, since they are synthetic and harmless polymers with special properties and different functions.