Cosmetic & Personal Care

ADI distributes unit of anionic, non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants.

ADI offers a wide range of surfactants according to the current needs of its customers, as well as focusing on safe chemistry, friendly to people & environment.
Surfactants offered by ADI, have very wide industrial applications.
In addition to use in personal care and cosmetics industry, our surfactants are used in different branches such as household chemicals, textile, agrochemicals, metalworking, and others.

Primary surfactants and foaming agents

Production of reach and long lasting foam accompanies all hygiene activities and is perceived as a sign of cleansing action.

Secondary surfactants and emulsifiers

Differentiation of products and obtaining specific applications and aesthetic properties is achieved through use of co-surfactants.

Thickener and rheology modifiers

Fo some products, due to composition of surfactant system and/or specific requirements of the formulation use of special thickeners is required

Wetting agents and other additives

Activities in lowering surface tension between solids and liquids is achieved by application of wetting agents.


Betaines are surfactants belonging to a class of amphoteric surface active agents displaying excellent skin mildness profile

Multifunctional Surfactant Blends for Cosmetic & cleansing formulation

EXOcare PC60 was developed to meet expectations of our customers for universal and cost effective product in the area of personal care applications