Surfactants with washing and cleaning properties
Modern substances and chemical formulations applicable in different areas of household chemical use.

Wetting Agents:

The most important purpose of wetting agents is to reduce surface tension between two phases. The rich offer of our products allows to choose from a wide range of both non-ionic and anionic wetting agents as components of cleaning substances.


Solubilizers are agents improving the solvent power of components slightly soluble in water, or another medium. The numerous group of constituents of the substances constituting a contamination does not exhibit solubility in water, and mentioned here are fatty acids, fatty alcohols, triglycerides or hydrocarbons.


We offer a wide range of anionic and non-anionic products with detergency properties, yielding an opportunity to create various professional solutions in the area of professional and institutional cleaning.


A primary function of dispersants is to support fragmentation into small particles of dirt, and as a component of many other various recipes. We offer a number of dispersers deliberately dedicated to household chemical products.


The choice of a proper emulsifying agent will guarantee the reduction of the surface tension at the boundary of phases, thus it will allow to perfectly degrease and clean the surface. Our product portfolio includes both non-ionic and anionic emulsifiers, applicable in almost every household chemical product.

Low-foaming agents

Low-foaming agents prevent the creation of abundant foam while at the same time maintaining its surface-active properties. We offer a series of non-ionic low-foaming agents dedicated for various household chemical applications.


According to the prevailing market trend, formulations of a high viscosity are equated with the high quality of the final product. This effect is obtained through the addition of thickeners belonging to the group of anionic and amphoteric surfactants


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