Textile Chemical Products

“Chemical products for the entire textile industry production process”

In this division Grupo ADI offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for textile processing, which includes each of the treatment phases: preparation, dyeing, printing, coatings, finishes, etc.
Each of the products has been carefully developed using the latest technologies, focusing on the latest textile trends and demands.
We offer a broad range of colorants and dyeing auxiliaries, which ensure an optimal colouring process through a wide variety of textile processes and applications.

Chemical Products

•   Pretreatment:

Chemical solutions for all textile fibers: masking agents, dispersants, levelling agents and bleaches, detergents, sizing, fibre finish and OBA’S.

•  Finishing:

High-tech chemical products for treating the surface of all types of textile fibres that provide a different feel and sensation. Fluorchemicals / Wrinkle Free / Softeners / Fire Retarndants / Others

•   Polymer dispersions