Testing Service

ADI Instruments, a division of the GRUPO ADI, possesses research laboratories equipped with the latest technologies and testing methodologies.

We conduct tests, evaluations and inspections compliant with the ASTM, ISO, UNE, DIN, SAE, AATCC and other standards, or in response to our clients’ requests.

Our laboratories are certified and accredited as compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 for tests such as:

  • Accelerated Ageing in Q-SUN Xenon Arc test chambers
  • Accelerated Ageing in QUV ultraviolet light test chambers
  • Appearance measurements and evaluations: Loss of brightness and/or colour, and yellowing.

We guarantee all our clients prompt, reliable and certified results, and personalised technical guidance, as we not only carry out laboratory tests, but also have extensive experience as the exclusive representatives of the devices employed in them.

We also have our own technical service trained at our clients’ facilities, which serves to guarantee even further the proper operation, calibration and maintenance of the equipment, and reliability in the acquisition and evaluation of results

As distributors of the Q-Lab Corporation (ageing cameras), we work closely with its accredited laboratories in the USA and Germany to conduct other types of tests, such as:

  • Natural Outdoor Ageing at standardised locations in Florida and Arizona
  • Corrosion in Q-FOG Saline Fog or Cyclical Corrosion chambers
  • Mechanical Property evaluations of materials, to gauge adhesion, thickness, hardness, etc.
  • Visual Inspection Evaluations:
  • Chalking, cracking, discolouration, splitting, corrosion, delamination, the formation of blisters, etc.

Our extensive experience in ageing tests backs us up