Grupo ADI sponsors Ana Carrasco

Grupo ADI sponsors Ana Carrasco, the first woman in history to be proclaimed a World Champion in the sport of motorcycle racing.

Born in 1997 in Cehegín, Murcia, she is the first woman in history to have won a Motorcycling World Championship (2017). She got on her sister’s bike at age three, and soon saw that her future just had to be on two wheels. She debuted and scored in the CEV at age 14, and at 16 became the first Spaniard to score in the Moto3TM world championships. Her talent, results, perseverance, hard work and tenacity have allowed her to make history, being the first woman to achieve a fastest lap, and a Pole Position. Finally, after her third victory, and a difficult end of the season, she was the first woman ever to ever be proclaimed World Champion.