Grupo ADI has become a new member of the IQS

The Grupo ADI has become a new member of the IQS Companies Foundation.
Our company’s membership will be formalised at an institutional act to take place today, May 8, at IQS headquarters in Barcelona.

IQS’s association with the industrial and business world goes back to its very foundation, as many IQS graduates have gone on to found their own companies, or become technicians or executives at industries and companies in our country.

It is important for society to know that it can count on the support of an institution that is capable of responding to its concerns and needs, and through which it is possible to search for good professionals and undertake projects that support their evolution and development.

Through this collaboration the, the Grupo ADI will contribute to the future of IQS, promoting educational and research projects of social utility.

All the contributions made by the collaborating companies are aimed at:

  • Research
  • Innovation and knowledge transfer
  • Training
  • Entrepreneurial initiative
  • Buildings
  • Teams
  • Promoting the MIT-Spain Program

For more information, see the IQS website: https://fundacion.iqs.edu/es/