ADI Instrumentos was founded in 2009, when it began with the representation of a single company.
After 9 years of development, dedication and effort, ADI Instrumentos now represents six leading companies
in its sector:

Q-Lab, an American company specialised in accelerated aging tests.
Orontec and Techkon, both German companies specialised in the measurement of paint colours.
Testex, a Chinese company that boasts a complete range of measuring instruments for the textile industry. A major portion of Testex’s potential customers overlap with those of the Grupo ADI and its textile sector, such that synergies can be created.
Tinous Olsen is an American company that offers machinery for static stress testing and/or material compression. Fungilab is a Spanish
company specialised in the measurement of viscosity.

And VMA is a German company that offers agitation, dispersion and fine grinding systems.

The Instrumentos team, headed up by Dr. Georg Schroeder, is made up of six professionals who care about offering their customers both their know-how and the kind of service that ensures the quality and value of the products they represent.

Recently, this line of business has moved its offices and laboratory to new facilities better suited to its needs.

The strategy of ADI Instrumentos is to intensify contact with its customers through visits, seminars, laboratory tests, etc., in addition to attracting new customers, always with the intention of adding more principals, and to enrich its product portfolio, thereby covering the different needs of its customers.