It has different applications, such as: construction of components for some means of transportation (subway, railways…), manufacturing filters for gases, making fabrics for official protective clothing (firefighters, competition pilots, welders…), and manufacturing construction and decoration materials (carpets, curtains, blankets…).


When tecstar® is exposed to very high temperatures, it does not burn or melt, but rather carbonizes.
Smoke and fume emissions are practically non-existent, and non-toxic. Products tested with 100% tecstar® have been classified F0 F1.

tecstar® can be used on both woven and non-woven fabrics as a fire and thermal barrier.

tecstar® fiber has long been used in the construction of components for the T.G.V. in France and Korea, that of the London Underground, and on railways in
Italy and New York, among others.


Non-flammable - Does not propagate fire

Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) > 42%

No toxic or opaque smoke

Very low thermal conductivity

Excellent flame retardant properties

Antistatic properties - Electrical arc insulation

Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

Hydrophilic comfort

Soft to the Touch


tecstar® fiber is used in the manufacture of building materials, either blended with concrete or in woven and non-woven barrier protection against fire and heat.

We recommend using tecstar® in closed places where, in the event of a fire, the inhalation of fumes, limited visibility and toxic gases are more dangerous than the flames themselves. tecstar® can be used for all type of decorative fabrics, carpets, curtains, murals, blankets, cushions and mattresses.

We would like to emphasize that tecstar® is used in the manufacture of mattresses at public (collective) facilities, like hotels, hospitals, prisons, etc. Due to its high flame and heat resistance, it has passed the regulations set down by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission / California Law.


Excellent fire resistance

Excellent flame retardant

Very good insulation against cold and heat

Very good acoustic insulation

Electrical arc insulation


tecstar® will withstand oxidizing agents, acids and highly concentrated base chemicals without its mecha-nical resistance and strength being affected.

It is highly resistant to chemicals, electrolysis, UV light and temperatures of over 250ºC (steady). tecstar® is, therefore, an indispensable fiber in the production of gas filters.


Continuous exposure to temperatures exceeding 250ºC without altering its chemical and mechanical properties

Excellent chemical resistance - Acids, alkalis, electrolysis, and oxidizing agents

Excellent resistance to UV rays


tecstar® polyacrylate fiber is used in the manufacture of fabrics for official protective garments for firefighters, forest rangers, electricity company workers, foundries, welders, race car drivers, mechanics, etc.

Whether 100% tecstar® fibers or blends with others, they meet and exceed all the standards found in European and American regulations.

An example of this is protective clothing for firefighters, where a thermal and waterproof barrier made of tecstar® fiber is used, complying with Level 2 of the EN 469: 2006 standard, involving radiant and connective heat tests, as well as flame exposure.


Excellent fire behavior - M1

No toxic/opaque smoke - F0

Very good thermal insulation

High moisture absorption

Electrical arc insulation


TECSTAR® fiber is used in the manufacturing of
decorative materials.

The use of TECSTAR® fiber is recommended in enclosed spaces where, in case of a fire, smoke inhalation, loss of visibility, and the presence of toxic gases are more dangerous than flames, hindering the evacuation process.

TECSTAR® can be utilized in various decorative fabrics such as carpets, curtains, murals, blankets, cushions, and mattresses.

It’s noteworthy that TECSTAR® fiber is employed in the production of mattresses for public services (hotels, hospitals, prisons, etc.) due to its exceptional resistance to flames and heat, surpassing the highest requirements set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), California regulations.


Excellent fire behavior - M1

No toxic/opaque smoke - F0

Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

Optimal softness to the touch

Very good insulation against heat/cold

High moisture absorption