Why ADI?

For our technical support

Three laboratories equipped with the latest technology where our technicians work to improve the applications of our providers’ products, following the strictest quality standards.

For our logistics capabilities,

With certified facilities located at strategic sites across several countries to optimise the distribution channels and solve customers’ technical issues.

For our commitment to the ADI team,

The Group’s most important asset. Our priority is to promote unity, training and flexibility among the more than 80 people that form the Group and we strive every day to do better in this area.

For our soundness and reliability

We create trust and security in our providers and customers as a result of a business soundness that enables us to work with the best human and material resources, offering high-performance products and services.

Because ‘we think green’

We are aware of the importance of environmental conservation and we seek out environmentally-friendly alternatives in products and processes in order to set a benchmark in what is known as ‘Green Chemistry’.