Année : 2020

Digital Printing: The Future of Today

The Grupo ADI offers a complete solution for the entire digital printing process by stamping for the Portuguese market. The textile industry in Portugal is on the cutting edge of digital printing. Current trends call for smaller quantities, immediate production, and countless possibilities in terms of combinations of colours and designs. Textile printing is a … Read more


On July 9 the first in-person InfoConstruction event after the state of alarm will be held in Oviedo. Hosting it will be the NH Principado Hotel (San Francisco, 6), observing all the relevant security measures. A hygiene point will be set up where attendees can access hydroalcoholic gel dispensers and obtain surgical masks. Social distancing, … Read more


As many of you know, the 2030 agenda is an action plan proposed by the United Nations, consisting of 17 goals for sustainable development. Specifically, objective 12.5 aims to reduce waste generation through recycling and reuse. At Grupo Adi we want to contribute to the development of these actions, therefore, we have decided to stop … Read more

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