Année : 2023

Grupo ADI & Mans Unides Unite! 🎄💖🍫 #ChristmasUnity

🎄 We celebrate the holiday season with solidarity and love! In Grupo ADI, we join Mans Unides’ Christmas campaign under the motto « Stopping inequality is in your hands. » This year, we contribute through the purchase of delicious chocolate nougat, aiming to support each of Mans Unides’ incredible projects. 💖🍫 We believe in the importance of … Read more

Grupo ADI Showcases Quality Control Measurement Instruments at Paints & Coatings Expo

Grupo ADI, a company specializing in quality control measurement instrumentation, participated in the recent Paints & Coatings Expo with its Instruments Division. Throughout the event, the company exhibited its product line tailored for applications in the paints and coatings industry, emphasizing its commitment to quality and innovation. Grupo ADI’s booth provided visitors with the opportunity … Read more

ADI Brasil’s Lab

ADI Brasil’s laboratory stands out due to its unwavering dedication to research and development of novel products and production processes. This commitment empowers them to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to their customers, not only in the textile sector but also in the detergent, cosmetic, and other related sectors. 25

Grupo ADI Presents Latest Innovations in Personal Care at Cosmetorium Exhibition

Grupo ADI, successfully participated in the Cosmetorium Exhibition, showcasing its latest innovations in the Personal Care division. The event provided a strategic platform for Grupo ADI to present cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the growing demands of the personal care industry. Visitors to Grupo ADI’s booth had the opportunity to get a close look at … Read more

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a technique that has revolutionized the world of textile design. It allows for printing complex and detailed designs on fabrics in high definition and with vibrant colors, enhancing the versatility and appeal of textiles. Textile chemistry specialists work on formulating specific inks and pigments to ensure the quality and durability of digital … Read more

🌿 Grupo ADI Portugal Promotes Sustainable Textiles with Cork 🌿

Join us in embracing eco-conscious fashion! Grupo ADI Portugal is leading the way by advocating the use of cork in the textile industry. Cork, a natural and renewable wonder, known for its versatility and unique qualities, is making waves in fashion and textiles. Why cork? 🌍 It’s stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and boasts excellent thermal and acoustic … Read more

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