Condensation test

Water is a common enemy to most materials.  It causes metals to corrode, organics to decompose, and structures to disintegrate. Condensation is water that has been distilled from impure water, mixed with the atmosphere, and saturated with oxygen.  This type of moisture has also been called “aggressive water”, because it carries oxygen with it as it contacts a material or diffuses through a coating.  Studies show that materials outdoors are exposed to an average of 12 hours per day of condensed water in the form of dew.

Ask us about our condensation chambers if you need to:

  • Screen paints for blister resistance over a weekend at 55 ºC
  • Evaluate oil-based rust inhibitors in less than 120 hours at 38 ºC
  • Rate effectiveness of mill-applied oils in only a day
  • Test surface reactivity of cold-rolled and galvanized steel in hours
  • Test wood finishes for blistering, moisture and mold resistance




Ask our experts: Mario Artieda and Flor Garcia instruments@adigrupo.com

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