Grupo ADI offers a comprehensive solution for the entire digital printing process

Grupo ADI is launching a digital printing project, offering a comprehensive solution for the entire printing process.
The textile industry in Portugal is on the vanguard of digital printing. Current trends call for smaller quantities, immediate production, and countless possibilities in the combination of colours and designs.

Textile printing is a very demanding technique used for centuries in the production of textiles and that allows for the most diverse designs, sometimes turning garments into genuine works of art.

Traditionally, this printing required large production batches, as each print required specific templates. However, more and more we are faced with meeting the challenge of a mandatory, total change due to market demands, as the Fashion world now demands more and more collections throughout the year.

For printing companies, this means increased market pressure for more and more urgent samples, and an increase in printing speed, efficiency and flexibility.

The solution to this great challenge is called digital textile printing.

Our partners are on the cutting edge in the development of digital stamping, which is why Grupo ADI can offer its customers a complete pack and a comprehensive solution for this entire process:

SPG Prints: Dutch company that offers a complete range of colorants, reagents, direct sublimation, and acids. They possess state-of-the-art digital printers that allow for continuous and profitable productions, as well as design versatility and high reliability. Their main products are: digital laser engravers, rotating screens, rotating stamping systems, and digital printing systems. (Portugal & France)

MTEX NS: A leading company in the digital printing market, it manufactures and installs direct digital printing equipment and auxiliary equipment for the production of printed textiles. (Portugal, France & Spain)

Tanatex Chemicals BV: A leading multinational company in the textile world, with more than 50 years of experience, offering the most suitable chemical preparation for each fabric as a pre-treatment for digital sublimation and pigment printing. (Portugal & France)

At the Grupo ADI we are prepared to offer our customers the ideal digital stamping solution for them.

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