May 4 International Firefighter Day

In recognition of the so-called « Blue Heroes », every May 4 International Firefighter Day is celebrated, for their commendable work in support of the community, putting their lives at risk in extinguishing fires, rescuing people and protecting environmental spaces.

That is why today we pay tribute to men and women who obtain the protection and security of their communities and the environment.

At Grupo ADI, we strive to protect these heroes with our Tecstar® flame retardant fiber.

tecstar® polyacrylate fiber is used in the manufacture of fabrics for official protective garments for firefighters, forest rangers,  electricity company workers, foundries, welders, race car drivers, mechanics, etc.

The protective clothing for firefighters, where a thermal and waterproof barrier made of tecstar® fiber is used, complying with Level 2 of the EN 469: 2006 standard, involving radiant and connective heat tests, as well as flame exposure.

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