Digital Printing: The Future of Today

The Grupo ADI offers a complete solution for the entire digital printing process by stamping for the Portuguese market.

The textile industry in Portugal is on the cutting edge of digital printing.

Current trends call for smaller quantities, immediate production, and countless possibilities in terms of combinations of colours and designs.

Textile printing is a very demanding technique. Used for centuries in this area of production, it allows for the most diverse designs, sometimes transforming a garment into an authentic work of art.

Traditionally, printing required large production batches, as each job required specific printing blocks. However, more and more we are facing the challenge of a mandatory, sweeping change spawned by a market imposition, as fashion companies are rolling out more and more collections over the course of the year.

For printing companies, this means more market pressure in terms of increasingly urgent samples, greater print speed, and higher efficiency and flexibility.

In order to meet these rigorous demands, it is necessary to examine other ways of printing on fabric.

The solution to this great challenge is called digital textile printing.

Our partners for the Portuguese market are on the cutting edge in the area of digital printing, which is why the Grupo ADI can offer a comprehensive pack covering this entire process:

  • Tanatex Chemicals BV: a leading multinational company in the textile world, with more than 50 years of experience, offering a complete range of auxiliary products for all figures and
  • SPG Prints: Dutch company that offers a complete range of colourants, reagents, direct sublimation, and acids. They possess state-of-the-art digital printers that allow for continuous and profitable productions, as well as design versatility and high reliability. Their main products are digital laser engravers, rotating screens, rotating screen printing systems, and Inkjet printing systems.
  • Inèdit Software: A world leader on the international stage, it offers software solutions for digital printing, creative design and efficient colour management.

At the Grupo ADI, we are prepared to offer each of our customers the ideal solution for them.

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