This year, at Grupo ADI we organized an “Secret Santa” initiative amongst the employees of all our subsidiaries, which involved buying a gift from a charitable organisation in order to help the most disadvantaged groups. Some of those with which we worked were:

Pulseras Rosas

Pulseras Rosas (Pink Bracelets) is an association established, principally, to meet the needs of people before, during and after oncological treatment. Pulseras Rosas’ mission is to facilitate and normalize – in short, to improve – the lives of cancer patients.


Fupar is a non-profit social economy entity that supports the processes involved in training and ensuring the social and professional inclusion of adults with functional


This is an association at which 100% of the profits are allocated to evangelization andsocial action projects that make our world a better place. It is committed to growing asa company to be able to donate all proceeds to small and large projects that use their
resources to improve everyone’s God-given lives.

Fundación Aladina

The Fundación Aladina is an independent organisation benefitting more than 1,500 children with cancer and their families each year at the 13 hospitals with which it
works. Aladina provides comprehensive support for children, adolescents and families. The foundation now has a team of six psycho-oncologists, who offer free professional assistance to children, their parents and siblings.

Residencia infantil Emmanuel

This is a temporary emergency residential center where minors from families at social risk are welcomed and cared for in a comprehensive way, attending to their basic
needs in every aspect: physical, academic, mental and spiritual … so that, despite their challenging situations, they grow up with the fewest possible shortcomings, and enjoy a happy childhood, in a place they can call home.

Creu Roja

The Red Cross is the largest humanitarian organisation in the world. Boasting more than 150 years of history, it operates in more than 80 countries around the world. It is
an association that provides aid in the event of accidents, earthquakes, wars, terrorist attacks and all kinds of disasters and humanitarian catastrophes.

Intermon Oxfam

At Intermón Oxfam they work every day to end poverty and reduce social and economic inequalities. They form a global movement and fight alongside disadvantaged
populations to eradicate injustice and poverty, as their hope is for all people to be able to exercise their rights and enjoy lives with dignity.

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