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ADI Instruments

ADI Instruments has its own laboratory and offers a wide range of equipment, consumables, and services for quality control in material aging, color, and physical properties. We serve and provide support to clients in the textiles, paint and coatings, automotive, plastics and packaging, construction materials, cosmetics, dyes and pigments, and food and beverage industries.​

ADI Portugal

ADI Portugal’s laboratory specializes in textile applications. It is responsible for carrying out tests and analysis of textile auxiliaries to ensure their quality and their ability to function properly in the textile field.​  

Our laboratories

Our laboratories in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil have different focuses. The laboratory in Spain is focused on Research and Development for several of the markets we operate in, while the one in Portugal specializes in textile applications. On the other hand, the laboratory in Brazil is dedicated to a combination of both areas.​ In this … Ler mais

At Grupo ADI, we are committed to sustainable processes.

The trivalent chromium processes in the electroplating industry offer significant benefits for health and the environment, as established by the REACH regulations. Compared to conventional hexavalent chromium baths, trivalent-based processes are less toxic, reducing the risks of occupational exposure and negative environmental impacts. Additionally, trivalent chromium ensures high efficiency and quality in metal coatings, providing … Ler mais

Grupo ADI Brasil achieves the ZDHC certificate

We are pleased to announce that Grupo ADI Brasil has obtained the prestigious ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) certificate, demonstrating its compliance with strict industry standards in the complete elimination of hazardous chemicals in its operations. This achievement reinforces their commitment to environmental sustainability and the protection of water and human health. The ZDHC … Ler mais


Today we have great news, as ADI Center Brasil has successfully obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification. This recognition acknowledges our company’s commitment to quality and excellence in our operations. We have demonstrated compliance with the most rigorous international standards regarding processes, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. At ADI Group, we are thrilled to have achieved this … Ler mais

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