At the Grupo ADI we have installed photovoltaic solar panels with the company Ener Free. Photovoltaic energy takes advantage of sunlight to generate electrical energy, thus reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and, consequently, pollution. We have installed, together with those with whom we share the building, 120 latest-gen, high-efficiency 460W MonoPerc panels. The power … Ler mais

Grupo ADI offers a comprehensive solution for the entire digital printing process

Grupo ADI is launching a digital printing project, offering a comprehensive solution for the entire printing process. The textile industry in Portugal is on the vanguard of digital printing. Current trends call for smaller quantities, immediate production, and countless possibilities in the combination of colours and designs. Textile printing is a very demanding technique used … Ler mais

May 4 International Firefighter Day

In recognition of the so-called “Blue Heroes”, every May 4 International Firefighter Day is celebrated, for their commendable work in support of the community, putting their lives at risk in extinguishing fires, rescuing people and protecting environmental spaces. That is why today we pay tribute to men and women who obtain the protection and security … Ler mais


¡Seguimos con las novedades! Estamos muy contentos de anunciar que hemos hecho reformas en nuestro centro de trabajo de Passatge Marie Curie, 3, en Terrassa. Después de un mes de obras, las nuevas instalaciones de casi 600 metros cuadrados están finalizadas. Hasta ahora, en este lugar, estaban instalados los empleados de nuestra división de instrumentos. … Ler mais

Tecstar® the best option for applications with fire resistance requirements

The flame retardant fiber Tecstar® confirms the great resistance to combustion obtaining a L.O.I. of 44.3%. This test has been tested in a laboratory proving that Tecstar® fiber is the best option for applications with fire resistance requirements. The LOI measures the amount of oxygen  needed to maintain combustion. The more oxygen is used in … Ler mais


Hoy a venido a visitarnos el departamento técnico de KH Lloreda, empresa que fabrica el conocido producto KH-7. Es un cliente muy importante de Quaternia del mundo de la detergencia. Han estado viendo nuestras nuevas instalaciones de Passatge Marie Curie y estableciendo proyectos con el departamento técnico de Grupo ADI.


Grupo ADI has made the purchase of Tecstar, a company that manufactures cross-linked polyacrylate synthetic fibre boasting advanced technical properties in terms of their resistance to flames and high temperatures, and the chemical agents to which it can be subjected. Tecstar has more than 45 years of experience in the Textile industry, and at Grupo … Ler mais

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