Grupo ADI Portugal Celebrates 18 Years of Innovation and Leadership

This month, Grupo ADI Portugal celebrates its 18th anniversary since its foundation in 2006, highlighting its undisputed leadership in the textile chemical industry in Portugal. Over the years, the company has not only consolidated its position as the main supplier in the chemical products market but has also stood out as the most important subsidiary of Grupo ADI in the textile sector, establishing itself as a key benchmark in the market.

Throughout its journey, Grupo ADI Portugal has significantly expanded its focus towards the Chemical Division, successfully venturing into areas such as Home Care, Personal Care, Agro, Construction, and Lubricants. This diversification reflects the company’s adaptive strategy to the changing market needs, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and excellence.

For over a decade, Grupo ADI Portugal has also been committed to the business of Instruments for measurement and quality control; ADI Instruments offers a wide range of equipment, consumables, and services for our customers.

Simultaneously, we have years of experience in the electroplating sector, reinforcing our leadership and diversification in the industrial field. This experience has allowed us to offer advanced and specialized solutions in surface treatment and improving the quality and durability of materials. In recent years, we have incorporated the innovative Tecstar® fire-resistant fiber, which represents the forefront of safety and protection solutions, specifically designed to meet the highest standards of fire resistance in a variety of industrial and textile applications, underscoring our continuous effort to respond to the specific demands of our clients and market trends.

The highly qualified team of Grupo ADI Portugal, together with our logistical excellence and cutting-edge technology products, ensures our leadership position across a wide range of industries.

A fundamental pillar of our philosophy is sustainability, focusing on developing solutions and products that respect the environment. This commitment to sustainable development reflects our vision for the future to create a positive impact on society and the planet.

As we celebrate 18 years of success, Grupo ADI Portugal projects itself into the future with the goal of continuing to lead in innovation, sustainability, and the development of new solutions that meet the needs of our clients in Portugal and around the world.

This anniversary not only celebrates past achievements but also renews our commitment to growth, excellence, and expansion in the chemical industry.