First Webinar in Spanish

Outdoor tests are the most realistic way of knowing how our materials will behave when exposed to the elements. Our first Webinar in Spanish will take place next Wednesday, September 16th at 2:30 p.m. Our expert Mario Artieda will show us different supports to accelerate the outdoor exposition tests. Here you have the link where you can register: … Read more

Digital Printing: The Future of Today

The Grupo ADI offers a complete solution for the entire digital printing process by stamping for the Portuguese market. The textile industry in Portugal is on the cutting edge of digital printing. Current trends call for smaller quantities, immediate production, and countless possibilities in terms of combinations of colours and designs. Textile printing is a … Read more


As you might be aware of, the 2030 Agenda, establishes an action plan proposed by the United Nations which englobes 17 main objectives to contribute with the sustainable development.  In particular, the objective 12.5 aims to reduce the wastes, through recycle and reuse. At Grupo ADI, we are willing to collaborate to the development of … Read more