Company certifications

ISO 9001

The professionalism and training of the Grupo ADI have been confirmed with the ISO 9001* Certificate, through which the company ensures certain standards of quality in its internal management system and in the way its supplies products and provides services to our customers in line with the regulations in force.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification/ADI Center
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification/IQNET ADI Center

*Certificate valid for ADI Center SLU.

Responsible Care

Our company is a member of the Commitment to Progress programme (Responsible Care) that the FEI-QUE and AECQ associations have developed for the chemical industry.

This programme is an active and public commitment to progress in our activities in relation to safety, health and the environment.

ISO/DIN 17025

The laboratory for accelerated testing of ADI Instrumentos Iberica, division of Grupo ADI, has been ac-credited according ISO/DIN 17025 by ANAB ILAC-MRA (equivalent to ENAC).


EcoVadis provides a holistic business sustainability rating service delivered through a global cloud-based software-as-a-service platform.

The EcoVadis Rating covers a wide range of non-financial management systems including environmental impacts, labor practices and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing. Each company is evaluated on material aspects corresponding to the company’s size, location and sector. Grupo ADI has been certified with the bronze medal in 2021.


The Roadmap to Zero Programme, by ZDHC, leads the fashion industry to eliminate harmful chemicals from its global supply chain by building the foundation for more sustainable manufacturing to protect workers, consumers and our planet’s ecosystems.

Product certifications


The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) developed the environmental and social criteria which companies complying with can be certified against to demonstrate their commitment to producing or using sustainable palm oil The aim of RSPO is to encourage the use of sustainable and certified palm oil through cooperation and dialogue between all steps of the supply chain.


It is the certification by an independent certification body such as Ecocert, which allows the statement “eco-detergent” and the label to be placed.


The certification allows the commercialization of its cleaning products of natural origin throughout the world.


Kosher Certification is a guarantee of responsible preparation of food for sale in the market,which co-mes from the Hebrew word “kosher” which means fit, convenient or suitable, so the foods of that name are those prepared according to rules of the Kashrut Law or Jewish dietary law.


Halal certification is a quality assurance process applied to foods, products, and services, respecting Halal regulations and other pre-established documents. These types of foods, products, or services are offered by companies or entities to an audience practicing Islam, both within the country and throughout the European Union, as well as for export to Islamic countries.