Safe and quality products

The main task of our Regulatory Affairs department is to ensure the safety and quality of chemical products, as well as production processes. For this reason, they are involved throughout the product lifecycle: from the initial stages in the R&D department to the product’s market launch.

Their responsibilities also include advising, coordinating, and verifying changes that affect products or manufacturing processes, including product registrations, labeling, or safety data sheets. This ensures that all requirements are met at each stage of the product lifecycle, while also providing guidance to customers on effectively managing their regulatory affairs.

The chemical industry in Spain is highly regulated and demanding. Having a Regulatory Affairs department gives the company confidence that its products will always meet legal requirements and comply with all guarantees.

Our extensive range of products, targeting different industrial sectors, requires in-depth knowledge of chemistry. Still, it also necessitates specialists to ensure compliance with highly complex and constantly changing regulations.

At Grupo ADI, our Regulatory Affairs department enables us to go beyond legal requirements and provide added value to our customers.

Our commitment extends beyond the sale, and we aim to offer support and consultancy services throughout the product’s lifecycle. We strive to help our customers comply with various legal regulations. That’s why at GRUPO ADI, we’re not just a supplier but a partner who can assist you in making your business successful while protecting it from potential liabilities.