Our engineers are factory trained and have in-house repair capabilities for most of our product portfolio.

We travel to your facilities and repair most potential breakdowns on site. We always use genuine spare parts to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment we repair.


We offer various maintenance contract options.



Our technical support service can perform calibrations of your equipment in your laboratory.

Equipment calibration devices must be calibrated or replaced annually. Radiometers and thermometers UC (UC10, UC20, UC202) can simply be replaced annually.

Radiometers CR10 and CR20, along with calibration thermometers CT202, should be sent to the factory once a year for recalibration.


We offer training courses for customers.
These courses are designed to provide training in the operation of your QUV, Q-SUN, or Q-FOG equipment.
They are intended to refresh
the knowledge of regular users or
to train new users.

The training includes a brief presentation of the equipment, followed by a practical session with the same equipment. Key points include how to safely operate the equipment, an explanation of its components, how to set up a test, and how to perform regular calibrations and maintenance.

Training can take place at Grupo ADI’s facilities, which have the appropriate showroom, or at the custo-mer’s location, provided the equipment on which training is desired is installed beforehand.