Our requirements

Adi Center, SLU is committed to providing its customers with services that meet their needs and requirements, as well as complying with legal and regulatory requirements in accordance with applicable legislation.

Adi Center, SLU works responsibly because we are aware that only superior quality in our processes can lead us to services and solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of all our customers. Therefore, from Management, we want to establish the implementation of a Quality System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 Standard “Quality Management Systems. Requirements,” leading us to continuous improvement to achieve this goal.

The scope of Adi Center, SLU’s Quality Management System for the activities carried out is Design and development, marketing, production management, and distribution of industrial chemical products.

With the implementation of the Quality System, Adi Center, SLU assumes the following commitments regarding:

  • Continuous improvement – Improving levels of internal and external effectiveness and efficiency by adding value to all links in the logistics chain.
  • Customers – Meeting explicit and implicit needs, anticipating the resolution of deviations derived from daily Logistics activities, and maximizing their satisfaction.
  • Employees – Developing a formal sense of responsibility, regularly evaluating and disseminating their social and professional development.
  • Suppliers – Participating in the search for solutions from the perspective of well-being and demanding a suitable quality level to achieve higher customer satisfaction.
  • Shareholders – Ensuring the adequate profitability of the activity by optimizing resources and maintaining a high level of customer trust.
  • Institutional Responsibilities – Complying with current legislation.

The pursuit of continuous improvement, compliance with current regulations, and the optimization of the Quality Management System are permanent strategic objectives of Adi Center, SLU. Without forgetting, at any time, the organization’s mission and values.